Why Sherlock doesn’t deserve those Emmy nominations

This year’s Emmy nominees were recently announced, but the only thing that’s stayed in my mind is my complete bafflement at Sherlock‘s nominations.

Sherlock has been nominated for four Emmys, but only two of them are in categories that anyone cares about: television movie, and limited series actor. As this suggests, they’re not taking Sherlock as a whole three episode series, they’re only looking at one individual episode. That episode, for all its nominations, is ‘The Lying Detective’.

Now I had to look up which one ‘The Lying Detective’ was, cause the latest series had all turned into a big slush of melodrama and plot holes in my head.

It turns out ‘The Lying Detective’ was the second episode. The one with the celebrity serial killer in the hospital?

Yeah, I’d completely forgotten about it too.

Nevertheless, once I figured out what we were dealing with, the whole mess of Sherlock series 4 came back to me, and my bafflement at its Emmy nominations increased.

Because Sherlock has not been a good TV show for the past two series. Series three was the biggest comedown anyone has ever felt after waiting two years for the follow-up to ‘The Reichenbach Fall’. The Christmas special was…I’m not going to beat about the bush here…Steven Moffat wanking all over our TV screens. Series four was – what even was series four?

Series four was middle class Eastenders.

“Hang on a minute!” you say. “You yourself said that the Emmy nomination was for a specific episode, not the whole series.”

But that’s the problem. Because series four was entirely directed towards the final Eurus confrontation. Everything else was secondary to what was meant to be the ‘big reveal’ of Sherlock’s secret murderous sister.

(On which note: we were dragged into watching this series by Moffat and Gatiss saying they were going to “pull the rug from under our feet.” You can’t pull the rug from under your audience’s feet when they didn’t even know there was any sodding rug there! What they did was sneak up from behind and bash us over the heads with a rug they’d just bought!)

‘The Six Thatchers’ was the writers getting all the Mary mysteries out of the way so they could focus on their new pet project of Eurus.

What should have been a return to the satisfying format of the first two series, the mystery of the serial killer in ‘The Lying Detective’, ended up just being filler.

It was not good TV.

And if we move onto Bourgeoisie Cabbagepatch’s nomination for this episode in the limited series actor category…

Look, I’m not saying Cumbersome’s a bad actor. He’s a perfectly OK actor. But he’s been playing this role since 2010, for four series now. And yet neither his character nor his performance are going anywhere new or interesting. I’d say his performance, like everything about Sherlock, was better in the first two series than it is now.

Maybe it’s the writing he’s being given. It probably is. I doubt any actor could play ‘my secret evil sister murdered my dog who was actually my childhood best friend’ with much pizzazz.

If Sherlock wins the best television movie, or if Bugleboy Countryfile wins in his category (come on, he can’t beat Riz Ahmed, or Ewan McGregor in a dual role) I will know, once and for all, that everyone is deluding themselves.


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