Review: Preacher 2.03 ‘Damsel’

As per everything that was said at the end of ‘Mumbai Sky Tower’, this week the Unholy Trinity are looking for God in New Orleans.

But not before we check in with Eugene down in Hell.

The fact that we were finally given a pretty satisfying explanation of Eugene’s botched suicide attempt – an explanation that does what I didn’t think they’d be able to do and completely absolves him of the moral ambiguity that hung around his character in season 1 – is unfortunately overshadowed by our first glimpse of how Hell works.

Not the Preacher lore that Hell is reliving the worst moment of your life over and over again. But how that works; where Hell is; who organises it all. And it’s an original and modern vision that I was so pleased with, I can ignore for a little while longer the uncomfortable fact that Hitler’s going to be a character in this arc.

So, to New Orleans.

I’m finding it difficult to write a plot overview of this episode, and that’s its problem. Even though it was the third episode in the season, it was an introductory episode, finally bringing in the things that are going to be the overarching plot arcs of this season.

I can say: Tulip’s mysterious and presumably dangerous ex-boss Victor gets closer. Or: a mysterious organisation (it’s the Grail! It’s the Grail!) is (finally) introduced, and Jesse gets himself on their radar.

But there’s not much to this episode. The Saint of Killers didn’t even show up.

Out of a lack of anything else to talk about, I might take a moment to admire our first little glimpse of the Grail. I always end up marvelling at the use of such bright colour while I’m watching Preacher – it’s all so pretty and cohesive. So I always sort of forget how naturally untidy, or dust-blown, or grimy everything is. The human world of Preacher is lived in. And then we see into the heart of the Grail. And it’s so completely white and spotless. Even the view of London out of the window is a flat wash of pale grey light. It’s more disturbing than the greyscale prison world of Hell.

So that’s ‘Damsel’. Forty minutes of introduction, with two new worlds whose looks show how good Preacher‘s art direction is.

Oh, but the title credits are back! Hooray! I missed them more than I should’ve done.


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