Review: Preacher 2.01 ‘On The Road’ & 2.02 ‘Mumbai Sky Tower’


AMC’s adaptation of the 90s DC comic books is back, picking up with Jesse (Dominic Cooper), Tulip (Ruth Negga) and Cassidy (Joe Gilgun) on the first day of their road trip to find God. Literally. He’s gone missing, and he needs to answer some questions.

You know from the first scene – a discussion about baby foreskins that turns into a car chase set to ‘Come On Eileen’ that turns into the first massacre by the Saint of Killers (Graham McTavish) – that everything that made the first season such a wonderful, gleeful bloodbath is going to continue.

This season is picking up where the comics began – the first season was largely an origin story, which diehard comic fans were quick to criticise. Though I’m loving this season so far, the simpler road trip narrative format has its cons as well as its pros.

Pros: every episode has weird new locations and even weirder new characters. The second episode, set in the titular Mumbai Sky Tower – a Las Vegas casino’s reimagining of India, all plastic and glitter, with a drop-in ‘Hindu’ chapel – is a promise of the oddities to come.

However, that’s the con as well: we’re probably not going to see any of this again. Everything’s a one-stop shop. I don’t mind so much in terms of the locations.

But this season there’s no such thing as a recurring character. The Saint of Killers makes sure of that.

The Unholy Trinity arrive. They do their thing. Then they either get caught in a shoot out with no one left standing but the Saint of Killers and Tulip’s car speeding away into the distance. Or they leave, we linger with whoever was left behind and BOOM headshot.

Well, no, it’s usually something a bit more painful or humiliating than a headshot. Thumbs up to the guy who stabbed himself rather than get tortured and murdered. It’s a rare feat to die with dignity on this show.

My…iffy-ness about the most significant death in ‘Mumbai Sky Tower’, and the issue I’m sure many people will take with it and be able to express more coherently than me does lead me to think at some point the story’s going to go down into Hell, and certain characters are going to return in some form or another…


We’ve just got to see where this all goes.

So far, we’ve got a fun, bloody, ridiculous, surprisingly emotional (when it wants to be) beginning of a season. I’m satisfied.


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